In conversation with Ravi Kanth,  Sales and Marketing Manager at Bar and Bench, India’s leading legal news platform. Ravi Kanth shares about different growth channels and key parameters to focus on for media publishers and other businesses on the podcast series – Game of Growth. A graduate of ISBM, Maharashtra, Ravi joined Bar & Bench in 2015 and has worked with various startups. He handles sales and marketing at Bar & Bench.

About Bar and Bench 

Bar and Bench is a renown legal news platform, consumed by millions of readers monthly. One of its kind legal news platforms has gained a lot of traction among its niche audience. It is a leading website focused on India’s legal fraternity. 

It provides the latest in news, briefings, insights, expert opinions, reviews, analysis and issues involving the legal domain. If you are a litigator, a corporate lawyer, an LPO attorney, a non-profit or public interest organization counsel, an in-house counsel, a judge, a legal academic or a non-lawyer who routinely deals with legal issues, this is the one-step platform to get the knowledge and updated on legal news. 

The news and analysis include current and relevant developments in the legal world, cutting edge analysis of judgments, as well as interviews with the eminent members of the legal fraternity.

Bar & Bench won an award Legal Journalism of the year (2019) at an event hosted by IDEXLEGAL in Mumbai. 

The Highlights 

In conversation with Ravikanth, we have encountered various key points, metrics and aspects of Digital Marketing and advertising. Here is part of our discussion-

How was your journey so far with the Bar and Bench?

My journey with Bar and Bench is very insightful. I have grown in every aspect. I am very keen on working with the right advertisers and sharing the right content to the right people.  It’s been 5 years with the organization.

 Through my experience, I have seen how a company works with its e- customers and what to serve.

How Bar and Bench are serving its Niche audience?

Bar and Bench serve its Niche audience by circulating the qualified and verified legal content directly from the High court and Supreme Court.

Our content is for everyone who understands and takes interest in legal news and judgements.

Our key points of focus are:

  • Building rich and quick content to the target audience from the right channel at the right time.
  • Understanding the pain points of our readers.
  • User experience and empathizing with them to understand better, the requirements of a reader.

About The Show 

The podcast series “Game of Growth” is an initiative from Truepush, world’s #1 free push notification platform. The show’s mission is to bring forth the amazing, unheard, and important growth stories of brands across India and the globe. Game of Growth podcast series comprises of the discussions with CEOs, founders, and the decision-makers of the companies. From covering India’s first Newspaper and Magazine aggregator platform, Paperboy to India’s leading coupon and gifts platform, GrabOn, the podcast show has covered numerous renown brands in their growth stories.

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About the Host

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