Digital globalization has reached a tremendous level of customer opportunities, uncovering new reach for publishers. Technology-based lifestyle has paved the way for digital mediums to re-engage users in massive numbers. Wesbites recently are intrested in push notification marketing strategy to regualrly communicate and update users.

A lot of factors can affect how well a website is in online engagement. For a website to get excellent traction, the website’s need to update users frequently about the activities taking place. It’s difficult to update a vast user base and expect the decent traction from it. There are numerous promotional marketing strategies to engage users and the simplest, yet the most effective is employing a push tool.

Key benefits of using Push Notifications includes higher re-engagement, zero expenditure, faster campaign implementation, right target audience, and flexibility are to be named a few among other reasons.

Millions of notifications are sent every day, and we can’t ignore the fact that most of us don’t want to get interrupted while doing essential tasks. The importance of notifications is clear to a user who is aware of the benefits it provides. Still, to a layperson, it appears to be intrusive. So, what is it that needs to be done to make push notifications easily understood? Studying the characteristics of your users play an essential role in targeting, and creating actionable notifications is the need for the time.

Below are the factors that could be kept in mind before sending out a push. The best push notification strategies vary depending on the type of website using it such as e-commerce, blogger website, entertainment website, finance platform, etcetera. However, a precise common approach can be adapted for curating push notification best practices to see the maximum positive output.

  1. Personalization 

Sending the same web push notification service, again and again, makes you a boring brand! Make your product alive through customized push notifications. Analyze the needs of your customers, tailor-made the announcement, and show them that you care for them, virtually. Include personalized information based on frequent visits. Reward them with freebies, offers, personal discounts, etc. The more entertaining it is, keeping the end-user in mind, the more converting it is! Sending a personalized push service increases the chances of converting your visitors into paying customers. You can also use emojis in push notifications as per content to attract subscribers.

Dunzo sends a personalized notification to its users with engaging icon.

Dunzo taking personalization to the next level.

Futooro sends notifications to its users using vernacular language.

engage icon, when looking to increase the presence of a website, a lot of factors can affect how well a website
Futooro horoscope notification.

Key tips-

  • Include trigger-based notifications which are sent automatically when a new user enters your website.
  • Match personalized push messages with the landing page. If a user gets a thank you message for purchase and the landing page is linked to the abandoned cart. That’s probably not a wise trick to do.
  • Understanding your target audience is entirely intrinsic, and no one can assess it better than you.
  • The more relevant update is to a user, the higher the chances of its views.

Should you be frequent enough?

When looking to increase the presence of a website, make sure to work on the push frequency. Showing up at every moment can be very intrusive. The need for sending push notifications at the right frequency is the real key to make your users feel valuable. But, too infrequent to follow the above rule can cost you many of your potential users. A new application may send notifications 10-15 times a day, but a news portal may send out the push alerts until a specific time. Push notifications for ecommerce website may send notifications about a product 5-10 times a day, till the stock exists. Similarly, the number of times notifications needs to be pushed out depends on the use cases.

Uber sends frequent push notifications for your next ride.

a lot of factors can affect how well a website increase traffic using web push
Uber arrival push notification

Key Tips:

    • Sending push notifications very frequent should be avoided as it may increase the page views counts but may significantly reduce the click-through rates in the long run.
    • Remember to include the valuable message in notifications. Every irrelevant word may cost you your potential users.
    • Push notifications should be pushed out carefully rather than throwing out all the possible push updates on your users( a severe mistake!).

    Timely push notifications

    The time factor is the most significant yet underrated factor. Understanding the happy hours of your customers can be tricky. It varies from one target to another, but once done, it is a sure way to shoot up the re-engagement with your users. Sending push notifications too early in the morning can be skipped by the user in a hurry or for any other prioritized errands to run. Sending too late at night is not a good option either. The time of the day is preferred when your targeted users would be on screen for a more extended period.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the very first notification of the day can prove to be the game-changer, as it can either prompt a user to engage more on your website or could diminish his interest in your service. Choose it wisely!

    Amazon sends timely push notifications on deals and offers. Amazon’s timely push notifications crack the best deals.

  1. Key tips-
    • A report suggests, the afternoon receives the most click rates on the notifications followed by the morning time.
    • Also, every week, Tuesday to Friday is the optimized time to send push notifications as per our experience for dealing with billions of notifications.
    • The ideal time to send push notification is 8 am to 5 pm.
  2. Audience cohorts : Sending notifications campaigns to all the user at once may reduce the maximum conversion expected from it. Targeted notification campaigns are crucial to building up communication. Audience segmentation and CTR are interlinked, and communication is the essential factor to join them. The more segmentized push you send, the better it’s communicated and thus, maximised conversion.
  3. For example, sending a push notification about new men’s arrival to a customer who is a woman, is very unlikely to yield any significant result.
engage icon
eCommerce platform Vishal Mega Mart sends segmented push notifications to re-engage users

  1. Truepush provides segmentation features to its clients. 
a lot of factors can affect how well a website increase traffic using web push
Audience segmentation feature on the Truepush dashboard.

  1. Truepush lets you segmentize your customers based on country, state, region, gender, age, new subscriptions, visiting time of the day, etcetera.
  2. Be Customer-friendly
  3. The push notifications evolved as a medium to connect with your users, formally, to keep them informed with all the new features that you offer. Including wishes on special and festive occasions would surely help you run in the market with a strong and satisfied user base.
  4. Key tips-
    Push notification should be as simple as possible to avoid the clumsiness and increase visibility.
  5. Ask for reviews and feedback
  6. Providing a service to the end-users is a long process. Getting to know the experience from your users is needed to make necessary changes in your growth strategies. Including a separate review notification for your users can be a great initiative to maintain communication with your users and adding value to the user’s experience. 
a lot of factors can affect how well a website increase traffic using web push
Truepush push notifications.

  1. Amazon sends thanking push notifications to its reviewers.
Amazon sends thanking push notifications to its reviewers.

  1. 7. Make it rich
  2. The visual approach should be followed while sending push notifications. It’s always suggested to include big images and emoji’s on notification as it catches the user’s attention. The call to action button should be utilized properly to suit different templates and designs.
    Also, the button designs should complement the whole notification look. There are free button designs available at Freepik.
  3. Bombay Shaving Company never forgets to include the best-featured image in notifications.
Bombay Shaving Company never forgets to include the best-featured image in notifications.

Here is the Short Video on – Push Notification Best Practices To send for Users

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